How Often Should You Change HVAC Filters?

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One focus regarding saving the environment is energy expenditure. Reducing the amount of energy used is the main goal. Replacing electricity with solar power and using energy efficient appliances are valuable ideas, but a change in oneself may be the best place to start. The simple approach of changing old habits and creating new ones is as easy as flicking a switch – a light switch.

So often, people leave a room, the house or the Read more…

All of Those Little Drips Add Up.

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With droughts affecting a large portion of the country, more of us are looking for ways to reduce our water usage around the home.

Fortunately, there are many ways to cut water use; simple, inexpensive things like installing low-flow toilets and shower heads pay for themselves within a year, and save thousands of gallons of water per year. Changing our personal water habits can also save lots of water, things like taking shorter showers and not running the water while brushing Read more…

The Benefits of a Low Maintenance Yard.

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Because more homeowners and their families are spending significant amounts of their leisure time in their own back yards these days, there has been an increased interest in making outdoor living spaces comfortable and attractive. Many people believe that means that yards and patios have to be high-maintenance, but this is not the case. It is perfectly possible to have a yard that is low maintenance yet has a pleasant ambiance. If you are looking for ways to cut down on yard work while still being able to enjoy spending time in Read more…

The Importance of Using Local Products.

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I can not imagine a carrot having to travel over 1,800 miles before it lands on my kitchen table. That is only one of the reasons why I have decided using local products is not only the best way but the only for my family to live. When you have made a mental and emotional decision to choose locally over global products, you have made the best decision you will make in a long time. But it is important to know why you made the decision in the first Read more…

Making Your Older Home More Eco-Friendly

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Making your older home energy efficient doesn’t mean you have to get rid of running water or your adt security system – a few simple changes can really reduce your energy footprint and make you feel better about your drain on the environment
New Insulation – If you suspect your home is leaking energy you may want to have a home energy audit. If leaks in the foundation and Read more…

How to Find and Visit Local LEED Buildings.

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Buildings that are certified with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) under the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) can be homes or businesses. To locate LEED buildings in your area and arrange a visit, you can search the registered LEED buildings by city. Visit the USGBC website and click on Programs and Guides under the LEED drop-down menu. Next, click on LEED Certification Process and then LEED Project Directory. Here you can search registered LEED buildings by city, state or country, as well as see the certification level and view a snapshot for some Read more…

A Simple Guide to LEED Certification.

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You will need this simple guide to LEED Certification if you would you like your new home to be Eco-friendly or a “green’ home. To go about it properly is not as daunting a venture as you may think. Draw up a plan and a budget to follow. Then follow a few steps to achieve the LEED Certification:

The Team
Assemble a team, consisting of you, an LEED knowledgeable architect and contractor (make sure both are LEED certified), a Green Rater (assures you are within the proper guidelines for your Read more…

Putting an End to Junk Mail.

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Some people dread visiting the mail box daily due to the plethora of mail items that are found. Have you ever had the problem of stuffed mailboxes full of junk mail? If so, you may be tired of all of the paper that is wasted on a daily basis. Perhaps you have already given up on putting an end to this madness and assume that there is no way to make it stop. However, you are wrong for there are options Read more…

Do Energy Star Appliances Really Make a Difference?

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The answer is yes, they do make a difference. When purchasing a new home and appliances it is wise to purchase energy star appliances, it can save you significantly amounts of money over the years.

Although energy star appliances cost more, the Department of Energy offers rebates on some appliances, in addition to a 2011 Tax Credit, of 10 of the cost up to 500 or a specified amount of 50 to 300, depending upon what you purchase. It expires on 12/31/11 and it must be an existing Read more…

How to Find the Green Tax Credits Available to You.

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There are tax credits available to most homeowners. There are even credits available for your second home provided it is not a rental property. Tax credits exist on the federal level as well as the state level.

To find out if you are qualified there are several avenues to research. The first place to look is in the US government Department of Energy site for energy tax credits. There is information here as to what you can claim and the requirements to meet the standard. There Read more…